Any advice on the repercussions of eloping and how to deal with them?

Any advice on the repercussions of eloping and how to deal with them? I really want to just go and get married. We’ve been together a while, but neither of us wants the big wedding. But both families will be hurt. Long story short, I NEVER do anything for myself. I always put off what I want for what my family wants. I really want to do this for my new family. We’re both almost 25.

Congratulations on the engagement! This should be a happy time for you and your fiancé, not a time where you have to worry about others and their feelings. Your wedding should be about you and your fiancé and celebrating the love you guys have for one another.

When it comes to making your decision, just listen to your heart. It sounds like your heart is saying to elope, but that your head is saying to have a wedding. Your marriage is a union between you and your fiancé, so how do you wish to begin this new chapter as a married couple? Making choices/decisions based off of others? Or making choices/decisions that come from the heart and that resonates with you two as a couple?

When it comes to the repercussions of eloping, you may have some family members and in-laws that are unhappy about not being able to attend the wedding ceremony. Of course, you could always compromise and elope with your fiancé and then have a wedding reception for both families. They may not be able to experience the ceremony, but everyone can help you guys celebrate being married and this new chapter you guys are embarking upon. Just remember, if someone is really with you and for you, they will be happy for you even if they were not there to experience the joining of you two as one.