I always feel that certain people I interact with, are getting sick of me…

I always feel that certain people I interact with, are getting sick of me? I always feel that way and it sucks because my anxiety and my worrying are through the roof! I’m constantly nauseous and worried more than ever. I just want to be stable, but every time I feel that I’m conquering my anxiety, I fall apart! Especially if my friends and family act slightly different towards me. I can’t help but think they have realized I’m just not worth their time.

Have you ever thought that you might be projecting onto your loved ones? I saw you mentioned that you’re afraid of being unworthy. Do you see a correlation between your fear of being unworthy and your anxiety? It seems that your anxiety is manifesting itself as worry over being accepted, seen and heard by your loved ones. Have your loved ones said anything to you regarding whether or not they are sick of you? I guarantee you, if your loved ones were sick of you, they would tell you.

When it comes to your self-worth, there are ways for you to increase it. The first thing to do is to list out all the reasons you think you’re unworthy. Then, burn that list or tear it up. Just dispose of it any way you can. Next, write a list of reasons for why you are an amazing being and why you are loved unconditionally. Then, say out loud three things that you love about yourself. If can be any three things. Also, I am linking below a list of 50 self-love affirmations too. These affirmations and exercises will increase your self-love and your self-worth. If you continue doing affirmations multiple times a week, you will start to see and realize why your loved ones love you. You will start to see that you are an amazing, beautiful being that deserves to be loved.

When it comes to overcoming anxiety, it’s usually better to get to the root/cause of the problem. Although I believe your unworthiness and anxiety go hand in hand, I do wonder why you think you are unworthy? In the past, who told you or made you feel that you were unworthy? Is that person still around today?? When we are born, we are born feeling pure, loved and worthy. It’s usually after we experience life and relationships with other beings/individuals, that we develop feelings of unworthiness and lack of self-esteem. So again, who taught you that you were unworthy of unconditional love? Finding the trigger to your anxiety will help you cope with your anxiety. It will also allow you to show compassion towards yourself and your anxiety instead of anger and resentment. Also, I will be linking tips to help you cope with your anxiety on a daily basis. It might take time, but I believe you can learn to cope and maybe even overcome your anxiety.