I can’t do it anymore!

I can’t do it anymore, I’m so tired. Bad things keep happening and I feel so unloved.

I am so sorry that you are going through a rough time in your life. Just trust and know that you aren’t alone. There are millions of people in the world feeling tired, sad, low and unloved by the people that are supposed to love and cherish them the most. Life can be hard, but it can also be amazing, exhilarating, and wonderful.

When it comes to bad things happening, I think I can help you with that. Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? It basically means that like attracts to like. Whenever we think positive thoughts and think of positive outcomes instead of what can go wrong, miracles and great positive experiences begin to occur. And I know that it may be hard to believe, but I know first-hand that it works. Usually thinking negative is created by our environment. Growing up, were you parents positive even in the face of adversity? Thinking negative thoughts is usually a learned behavior that can be changed.

Now when it comes to feeling unloved there is no way to get around that. Feeling unloved shows us that our needs are not getting met and that we recognize that the problem is not with us. Honestly, you may have to face the fact that the people in your life that you want to love you, may never love you the way you deserve to. And that is okay! Go within and love all of yourself instead of waiting for others to give you the love you deserve.

Just don’t give up on yourself and life. And if someone hasn’t told you today, then I definitely will. YOU ARE LOVED! YOU ARE LOVE! AND YOU ARE WORTHY OF BEING LOVED! Never forget that. I believe in you and that you can create and live out the life that you want to live. Once again, don’t give up.

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