I feel like a failure in many ways…

I feel like a failure in many ways, but especially when it comes to my studies. I’ve never been super talented at anything, but I wanted to think that I was at least a good student. That is until I started college. I’ve struggled emotionally because of terrible romantic decisions and it’s been 6 years and I’m still struggling to finish my degree. I’ve failed a subject so many times, that I may not be allowed to re-take the exam ever again. I feel so ashamed!

Never feel ashamed of your experiences; we all have experienced something that causes us to feel embarrassed. Mistakes are experiences that usually teach us about ourselves, the world and others. It’s okay that you’ve failed a subject; you’re not alone. I’ve failed two classes before in my college career, and my GPA is still over a 3.0. You can come back from this; I believe in you. Try talking with your professor, the provost, or the department head of your subject, see if you can work out an agreement about retaking a class. I know my university offers grade forgiveness for 2 failed courses, where you can take a course a second time, see if your university offers something along those lines.

And It’s okay to change the time frame of when you will graduate, don’t worry about running someone else’s race, just focus on yours. Your race and someone else’s race will never be the same. As I’ve said, your running your own race and your race won’t look like someone else’s. And I know for a fact that you have a special talent, you just may not have discovered it yet, or you may not see your special talent as “your special talent”. I didn’t figure out my special talent until I was 23, and I’m still trying to zero in on it. It’s okay, you will discover your special talent when you’re supposed to.

And I believe all of those failed relationships have taught you a lot about yourself, the world and others. In every relationship, you’ve learned something new about yourself and your partner, experiences and lessons that you will take with you into the future and the world. Lessons that will help you in times to come, so don’t be down on yourself relationship-wise. Always remain positive and try to see the good in all of your experiences. Maybe all that you are going through is occurring for you to figure out who you really are and what you really want from life. Just never give up, and stop being so self-critical, judging yourself and your experiences will only make you feel worse.