Sometimes I feel so bad that no one has asked me out and that no one ever will…

Sometimes I feel so bad that no one has asked me out and that no one ever will. I fear that I will never be noticed at a party, or that I’ll never experience having a boyfriend in high school. And I know that these aren’t very important things, but as a teenager who has planned everything, I would like to have fun and to have someone to have fun with. In the end, the world judges you on your appearance, and I know that because of that, I’ll always be alone. I never thought that being ugly would affect me, but it is! I want someone, and I just want to be pretty.

It seems the problem isn’t you, but that you plan everything! It’s okay to make plans, but the thing about plans is that they should be flexible. So, what if you won’t have a boyfriend in high school or that you won’t get noticed at a party. You notice you; you see yourself for the amazing person that you are. Why do you have to have fun with a boyfriend? Have fun with yourself and your friends when you go to parties. People are attracted to confident people that love themselves. Instead of worrying about someone seeing the good in you, why don’t you try seeing the good in yourself?

And yes, we do live in a culture where people are judged off of appearance, but that doesn’t mean we have to buy into it. Do you really wish to be with someone that doesn’t like you for you or accept you for you? And I know for sure that you aren’t ugly! We’ve all had those days where we’ve felt that we didn’t measure up to today’s standards of beauty, but always know that you are beautiful, inside and out. Don’t buy into how the world wants us to be, act or look. Live for you instead of everyone else.

And stop being so self-critical and beating yourself up. It won’t do any good for you to dump on yourself, it will only make you feel worse! Stop comparing yourself to others, when we compare our self to others, we are looking for someone to not measure up, and usually, it’s us. Love yourself, accept yourself as you are and enjoy spending time with yourself, and I promise you that you will attract amazing people that love and accept you for you and enjoy spending time with you.