I feel that those I care about hate me and don’t really care for me…

I feel that those I care about hate me and don’t really care for me. I care too much and give too much, and I know a lot of people aren’t used to having good things or great people in their lives, but I feel that everyone takes me for granted.

Honestly, trust your gut! If you feel that your loved ones hate you and don’t care for you, there’s probably some truth to it. But you always have to remember, the way a person responds or reacts to you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. So, don’t feel as if you’re doing something wrong. We all have demons to fight, and sometimes, instead of fighting our own demons, we’ll fight the beautiful, and amazing beings that are the kind givers in the world.

And you mentioned that you give too much, have you thought of giving more to yourself than you do to others? It seems that you’ve been putting others’ feelings above your own and it looks as if that hasn’t ended up too well for you. Have you thought that the reason you give more to others is because you desire, and even need, their validation? When we give so much to others and not to ourselves it’s usually because we need for that person or those people to value our existence and to tell us we’re worthy. Why don’t you validate your own existence and make yourself feel worthy and loved?

And there is nothing wrong with giving to others, just make sure there’s an equal balance of giving to yourself while you do it. Don’t let the way others treat you affect your character and who you are. You’re a giver by nature, so continue to give, just give to those that will accept your generosity but who are also grateful for your help and your care. Never let others change who you are, but growth wise, it’s a great idea to focus on giving less to others and giving more to yourself, that way you won’t get lost in the shuffle.