I am a trans guy…

I am a trans guy and I know I have the right to be or dress any way I want and all but I have some questions on how a normal person or society, in general, might react to the way I want to live. Unlike a lot of other trans guys I’ve seen, I actually don’t mind girly things. I like makeup and thigh-highs and short shorts and just looking cute in general. I have a friend who I confessed to about being trans and they said they don’t see it because I’m too “girly” + more.

My dad actually said the same thing when I first started showing signs of confusion, “If you were trans, you would have shown signs when you were younger, but you liked Barbie and Dora and tea time.” I am afraid people won’t really consider me a “guy” because of this. I know I’m never going to be able to please everyone and I’m not saying I want to, it’s just, I guess I just want to know how bad it’s probably going to be.

It’s honestly not about whether your friend or dad ‘sees it’, it’s about your comfort, how you wish to present yourself to the world and your authenticity. Never mind what anyone says or what anyone will think. It’s fine and in my book, completely normal to be a trans guy and like makeup, thigh highs, and short shorts. Always remember, ‘normal’ is the labels that society puts on us to reside in the nice little boxes they wish to fit us in.

Individuality is amazing and so is being your authentic self, but it’s frowned upon in our society. I honestly tip my hat off to the trans community. The way you all choose to say no to society’s standards and just love yourself unconditionally, is a level of self-love which I personally aspire to.

And of course, there will be some people who may have negative thoughts about you and how you choose to live your life, but who cares about them. People who are secure within themselves and who are confident in their thoughts, actions, and capabilities, see no reason to judge others or put others down for living a life that is different from theirs. So, don’t mind what others say or think. And I believe you will look amazing in your makeup, thigh highs, and short shorts!