I want to change my name to something more masculine…

I want to change my name to something more masculine, but I can’t choose between Loki, Jason and Grey. I don’t know how to choose one and I don’t know which I like the most. Do you have any advice on how to choose one, or perhaps an opinion on which name is better?

Well, I have some experience with this! I’ve decided to change my entire name, the first, the middle and the last. And there were three names that I liked the best for my first name, so instead of just choosing one, I chose all three names. I chose to make one name my first name, one name my last name, and one name my middle name.

Have you thought about doing something like that? If you’re just looking to choose one name, which name brings a smile to your face? Which name can you see people calling you? Which name currently sounds better with your middle and last name?

In my opinion, all three options seem very masculine to me and any would be a good option. But, I’m very partial to Grey or Jason. Whenever I think of Loki, I think of the mythological Norse god, so that might be a pro or con for you. Honestly, just choose the name that brings the biggest smile to your face. It’s how I chose what to do with my name!