I hate my job, and my job definitely doesn’t deserve me…

I hate my job, and my job definitely doesn’t deserve me. I’m only staying at my current job until I find one that pays me better. I need the money, but it’s hard working so much while being in school. I’m in a really bad place and, I can’t get out of it yet.

I’m helping my parents, but my brother torpedoed everything, and now I’m in the middle of an even crappier situation. I am also having problems with school! It seems like everything is going wrong and nothing is going right at all. I cry all the time, and I really hate my life. I feel so stuck.

I feel you 110%, I’ve had jobs before that literally sucked the life out of me. And it is smart to have another job lined up before you quit the one you hate. And I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having financial trouble, but trust me, it will get better. Personally, I was experiencing such a hard time financially, to where I was living in my University’s library, but now I have two jobs, housing, my grades are great and I’m able to start saving money. So just trust me, it does and will get better!

When it comes to problems with school, have you reached out to your professors? Ask them in what ways could you improve in class, in order to improve your grades. Also, try contacting your classmates and form study groups. I know your schedule may be hectic with school and work, but your grades will thank you for it if you are able to study with your classmates.

And it seems that you’re carrying so much on your shoulders right now. You’re responsible for helping your parents financially, as well as caring for yourself and you have school on top of all of that. My advice would be to reach out to a counselor and campus and have them walk with you on this part of your journey. It’s nice to have someoneto listen to us and sympathize with us, so definitely reach out to your school’scounseling center. Also, try taking some time for yourself and do something that will relax you. It seems everyone else, and everything else is a priority but you aren’t a priority to yourself. If you won’t put you first, who will?

Also, sometimes it seems as if everything is going wrong, but that is usually just from our limited viewpoint. Sometimes it takes everything going wrong, for everything to go right and for you to succeed. Something may seem negative at the beginning but once you get to the end of it,you will see that every situation, trial and tribulation had a purpose. And it’s okay to cry, let it out. I cry so much that I sometimes schedule crying blocks within my day. It’s okay to cry, you’re releasing pent up energy. Just don’t hate yourself or your life; your life may not be perfect, but no one’s is. Breathe, relax and focus on positive outcomes, and I guarantee you that you will get to the other side of this and you will feel stronger and happier because of it.