I came out and told my mom about myself harm…

I came out and told my mom about myself harm and she’s trying to help, but I keep regretting the fact that I told her. And on top of all of that, I feel so exposed!

Why do you regret telling your mom? Is your mom someone you can depend on? I think you should sit down with these questions, dig deep, and see why you feel so exposed. Do you think you would feel less exposed if you told someone that you trust a little more, someone who wouldn’t judge you or your actions, but who would just be there for you? If you told your mom, and you two aren’t exactly close, that would definitely leave you feeling exposed.

Do you trust your mom to be there for you through your tough time? Or do you think she would just bulldoze you into getting you to stop self-harming, without really focusing on why you self-harmed in the first place? This next question might be a little too personal, but do you feel that your mom or your relationship with your mom is a trigger?

I’m only broaching that question because it seems as if the reason you feel so exposed is because you told a person, who happens to be your mom, something so personal and you’re not sure if you can trust them, their actions or their instincts in how they will handle the situation. But also, whether or not you can trust them to trust in you and whether or not you can trust her to walk with you on your journey to healing.

In all honesty, I’m happy you told your mom because now you have another resource that can help you heal and stop self-harming. Since you’ve told your mom, you now have more options when it comes to healing. You can reach out to a counselor or even join a support group that will help you figure out why you self-harm and what your triggers are. And I do believe you should sit with yourself and ponder why you feel so exposed after telling your mom. Just know, the answer to all your questions lie within you.