How would you judge a girl who has been cheated on in all of her relationships?

How would you judge a girl who has been cheated on in all of her relationships?

I would not judge the girl in question, but I would ponder on why she picks that type of individual over and over again. And what I mean by that is, why is she picking people who choose to cheat on her and disrespect her. Also, why is she attracting cheaters? If she was only cheated on once, I would not ask that question, but since all of her relationships have ended with her being cheated on, I would think that there is a problem somewhere on her side, as well as on the side of the guys/girls that have cheated on her.

The first thought that comes to mind is maybe she is too trusting. But then I began to think that maybe she chooses to turn a blind eye to all of the signs of cheating because she believes that’s all she deserves. And then I would think, okay, maybe she suffers from lower self-esteem because she continues to choose the same type of girl/guy, the type that could care less about her, her feelings or the relationship. As I’ve said, I would not judge the woman in question, but I would delve into the situation to get to the heart of the matter, which is, why does she continuously choose men/woman that disrespect her and the relationship?

I would tell this woman to maybe refrain from dating anyone at the moment, and to look within herself. I would also suggest that she ponder why she chose to enter those relationships with those individuals, what she was looking to receive from those relationships and whether or not she is capable of meeting her own needs, instead of looking for others to fulfill them for her.