I’m very attracted to this guy, but I’ve been told that he’s a womanizer…

I’m very attracted to this guy, but I’ve been told that he’s a womanizer. I’ve been trying to get over him, but I haven’t found any solutions. Something that doesn’t help is that I’m very susceptible to smooth talkers and that’s all he does….any advice?

You say you wish to get over him but I can tell that you don’t really wish to. For some odd reason, you like guys who juggle a lot of women, thus meaning they can’t commit and wouldn’t see you or any of the other women as serious relationship material. You like guys that see women as disposable objects, men that have no problem hurting others to acquire what they desire.

And I understand you may be attracted to this guy, but do you truly have feelings for him? Are you confusing infatuation with actual feelings for this guy? And when I say feelings, I mean attracted to his mind and his personality, not just his looks. Infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone. Do you truly know this guy on a deeper level? Do you wish to know this guy on a deeper level, on a level that isn’t so surface level?

As I’ve said, it seems you’re more in lust with this man instead of actually having true feelings for him. So, just take your mind off of him. Keep yourself busy, focus on school, work, or anything other than him. Cut off all communication with him, block his number and delete his number. Just focus on loving yourself, focus on your career, school, anything other than this guy because the truth is, this guy probably isn’t even focusing or worrying about you the way that you’re worrying over him. Don’t give this guy any more energy! Just focus on yourself and live your best life.