I am almost 100% sure that I am a lesbian. I just have some questions about it…

I am almost 100% sure that I am a lesbian. I just have some questions about it. Can lesbians have exceptions? I feel that there have been a couple of times in my life where I’ve actually been in love with a man. Also, I have found people attractive in the past, but I wasn’t truly attracted to them. Can a person find people attractive without being attracted to them? I feel that I have been mistaking finding some men handsome and charming as having a crush on them.

Why do you wish to define yourself by societal standards? If you like women, date women, if you like men, date men, if you like both, date both, and if it’s more about what’s inside an individual instead of the packaging, do what you like.

And yes, you can find people attractive while not being attractive to them. I have found people’s minds attractive while not finding them attractive. And you can find people attractive or good looking, but not attractive in the sense that you wish to strike up a conversation with them or date them.

From this point on, you can be whoever you wish to be and date whoever you wish to date. If you find someone attractive, go for it! And you don’t have to define your sexuality if you do not wish to. Society likes for us to live in pretty little boxes that they create, but today is a new day and age, so create your own box or just even forget about the box and live outside of it. Be who you wish to be, love how you wish to love, and forget what society says.