I recently got into a relationship…

I recently got into a relationship, and I am so excited, I feel on cloud nine! I’m very impatient, and I feel that he’s the one, so I really want to speed up the relationship to marriage, but I know I should take some time with our relationship. How do I that? How do I slow down even though I want to rush to the finish line?

I am so happy for you! You sound so joyful, and I’m happy that you get to experience a great relationship. Now when it comes to the timeline, I believe every relationship is different. Some people may decide on marriage after 2 years and others may decide after three months, it just depends on the people.

The biggest issue that I would worry about would be the foundation. And by foundation, I mean, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Do you all have a strong, rock steady foundation that will get you guys through anything life throws at you? And do you believe you both are mature enough to enter into marriage?

I always tell people to follow their heart and do what will make them the happiest, but you can always follow your heart while bringing your head with you. Marriage is a lot of effort and work, so just make sure you have found someone that you want to put in the effort for. But other than that, you sound so happy and joyful and if marriage is what you desire with him, speak to him about it and see if he is on the same page. Who knows, you all may get married after 2 months of dating and live happily in love together for the rest of your lives. Trust your instincts and good luck! I hope this relationship brings you all that you desire!