Is 32 and 24 a bad age gap?

Is 32 and 24 a bad age gap? I am older and a woman.

Some would say that 32 and 24 is a big age gap, but I think that depends on the two people. The 24-year-old in the relationship could be very mature for his age, and maybe the 32-year-old is very young and has a really big zest for life, so who knows?

Both individuals are adults, and I don’t see anything wrong with the relationship. Older men date younger women all the time and no one bats an eye. The only individuals that have to be okay with the age gap are you and your significant other.

But it seems there is a little hesitation on your part. Do you believe the age gap will be a hindrance? Do you think in the long run, the age gap will cause problems in the relationship? Just make the decision that you believe is best for you. You are the one that has to live your life, no one else can live it for you, so choose that which will make you the happiest.