My brother came out as Bi…

My brother came out as Bi to me today, and only to me, not our parents or his friends. And while I’m 100% behind him and accepting of him, I am Bi also, I am a bit shocked and terrified and uncomfortable, and I think that is because I am so protective of my brother.

I know his friends might react badly and that there are cruel ignorant people out there and he is more open and visible about his sexuality than myself, but he is also more sensitive than I am. I’m so scared, and I feel so much pressure, is this normal and how do I deal with this situation?

I am so happy that you reached out. This may be a trying time for your brother, and I am glad he has someone like you in his corner. I understand you may wish to protect your brother, but your brother can protect himself. And if him coming out to your parents and his friends is something he wishes to do, then you will just have to respect his wishes, support him and stand with him as he takes that big step.

Why do you feel pressured? All your brother is asking of you is to support him and his choices. Your brother feels as if he can confide in you because you understand what he will be up against when he comes out to his friends and your parents. And I feel you are uncomfortable because like you said, your brother is more open and visible about his sexuality, so he may be more comfortable with being Bi, and you may be not as comfortable as you would like or as you project.

And when it comes to protecting your brother, life is all about accepting yourself, loving yourself, being who you are and shining your light brightly, all things your brother is trying to accomplish and experience right now in his life with him coming out to his loved ones. It’s okay that others may reject him for living his truth, but as long as he accepts himself, and you accept him, I believe everything will be okay. And the only thing you can do is just stand by him and with him as he shines his light brightly. Support him however he needs and just be there for him and that is how you will deal with this situation.