I feel as if there is so much hate in the world towards men…

I’m a guy and I just feel like there is so much hate in the world towards men. Women always speak about how much they hate men and it honestly hurts. I get that a lot of men are not that great, but it makes me feel terrible and I know that is stupid. I’m just really insecure and seeing hate for men everywhere makes my insecurity skyrocket.

I am so sorry that you feel this way, and I have to say that you are right. We as women do tend to lump all men together and for that I am so sorry! Sometimes we focus so much on the bad apples that we forget that there are some amazing, special apples in this world, and by special apples I mean men that accept women for who they are and for as they are. Men that accept and rejoice in the inner light inside of women and welcomes them to shine it brightly out into the world.

On behalf of all women I apologize, because although for some reason the bad apples are pushed to the forefront, we women forget to dig deeper and look for the amazingly good apples down at the bottom! And I don’t think women hate men, but women hate the lack of respect that some men show women. But also, women have to remember that they are the ones that are choosing these guys that disrespect them, abuse them and talk down to them. If women are repeatedly choosing men that look down upon them and treat them lesser than, I wouldn’t say it’s the guys fault but the fact that the women continuously choose guys that are projecting back to them the lack of self-love that they have for themselves.

And you shouldn’t be insecure! It takes a lot of courage to tell someone your inner feelings, especially a stranger, and I am truly happy that you did. And especially, don’t feel insecure because you think women hate men. Trust me, women love men and men love women, but that love takes a left turn when there is no respect, i.e. the ‘hate’ you hear about men. And once again, don’t feel so insecure, you are a very sweet, sensitive guy who cares about others. From your message I can tell you have a beautiful soul that any women would be happy to get to know. Don’t beat yourself up nor name call, love yourself and accept yourself as you are, and ignore when we women mention hating men. We truly don’t but sometimes we get into our feelings and react instead of respond.