People are so overdramatic when it comes to cultural appropriation..

People are so overdramatic when it comes to cultural appropriation, especially when it pertains to whites who are intrigued with dreadlocks. It’s so damn annoying. Honestly, those people can get over themselves. I can have dreads if I want to, they will just have to deal with it.

That’s the thing, you said ‘Whites who are intrigued by dreadlocks’, intrigue or to be intrigued means to fascinate or to be a source of fascination or to arouse someone’s curiosity. And that just rubs me the wrong way! As if Black people and their culture should be a source of entertainment or fodder for non-people of color. But also, you say you are intrigued by dreadlocks but you don’t even know the history behind dreadlocks or the other sources of black pride and how we, the Black community, feel when we choose to express our blackness.

For you dreadlocks and other ‘fads’ that stem from the Black community are just a cool new craze for you to try out, but to the Black community it is much more, so much more. It’s as if you don’t understand the rich history behind hair in the African American community or the history behind African Americans turning away from their blackness to be accepted by non-people of color in this world. And now that we own our blackness and are so proud of the color of our skin, our natural hair and what our hair can do, non-people of color wish to partake in something that has nothing to do with them.

And the lack of respect about someone else’s’ culture is astounding. You wish to take something from another culture, make it your own, but you don’t even respect the culture it comes from or the people in that culture! And you get defensive instead of being truthful and saying that you don’t respect Black people but you wish to look like them, wear your hair like them, and try to embody who they are. Sounds like an obsession to me! You want to be black but you DON’T actually want to be black and to deal with anything black people have to experience.

I can’t stop you from appropriating another culture, but I can get enjoyment out of the fact that you know you are doing wrong. If you didn’t think you were in the wrong, you would not be so offensive, let alone write this post/message. You’re looking for validation, and that is not something I will give you. You will not get any absolution from me! But, it is what it is, you can rock the dreadlocks but you will hear people say it’s cultural appropriation because it is. But again, I can’t stop you from wearing them.