Why is it so hard to lose weight!

Why is it so hard to lose weight! I aggressively keep restricting my calories, but I can’t lose weight. My friends eat fast food for every single meal and their weight never changes.

You know, I am having the exact same problem you are. I try to manage my calories, eat mostly fruits and vegetables and I try to work out when I can, but then I see others who eat everything and occasionally work out but who never gain weight! It’s hard, I know, to see something you desire that others already have or experience, but not everyone’s life was meant to be the same, not everyone was meant to experience the same problems that they have to overcome.

Our problem we have to overcome is loving our self as we are now, weight and all, and focusing on eating healthy because the body is our temple. And then just easing into working out. The weight will not come off if you put too much pressure on yourself, in the end, you will just end up being mad at yourself for starving yourself. And I say starving because you mentioned aggressively restricting your calories.

Instead of restricting your calories why not supplement fruits, veggies, healthy grains and proteins for the food you eat now and just focus on eating when you are hungry. Ease into eating healthy, the size and the physique of your dreams will not magically appear tomorrow. Then after you have gotten the hang of eating healthy, start with eating 100 calories less a day or visit the gym for an hour 3 times a week. You don’t have to do both at the same time. Remember, Rome was not built in a day and neither will the weight and physique of your dreams. Just don’t give up.

From writing this, you have made me see the error of my own ways! I’ve been so focused on restricting my calories and forcing myself to work out and being sad and depressed when I didn’t shed the pounds, but now, I am going to take my own advice, and I believe we can do it together. Let’s focus on eating healthy, so let’s eat fruits, veggies, healthy protein and grains and only eat when we’re hungry. While we’re doing that we can also focus on loving ourselves as we are and waking up every morning and saying one physical characteristic we love about ourselves and one personality characteristic we love about ourselves. Come on, you can do it!