Musings from a simple girl, in a maddening world…

Musings from a simple girl, in a maddening world:

It hurts! It truly hurts when you know that others are speaking ill of you. And you try to not beat yourself up because you know that what others say shouldn’t matter, but for some reason, on this particular day, it does. And it hurts to know that by being myself and just being by myself, is a threat to others. And it sucks that people want you to go along and behave in a way that suits them, even though they would never do the same for you.

It feels as if I’m getting pelted from all sides. Everywhere I go people seem to have a problem with me, when I’m just being me, standing in my truth and being okay with walking alone. For some reason, I keep coming across people who try to dim my light. Instead of asking me how I shine my light so brightly, they try to dim it.  And it really hurts because we all could be secure within and walking in our own lights together, side by side.

And for some reason, the world doesn’t want you to be in love with yourself. It’s the craziest thing! And honestly, I think the problem is that others are seeking validation from me. They want my attention and my acceptance, but it should not be about me or whether or not I accept them. Who am I to validate anyone? Why do we look for validation from others, myself included? It’s just a cycle that continues until someone gets the courage to change it. And that person is me.

Feeling beaten down and broken because someone is disingenuous towards me or lies on me, or mentions me in a not so great light, is not who I am, who I was meant to be, nor who I will ever be. I choose to be loving, first and foremost, to myself, but also loving to the person that isn’t so loving to me. I choose to always walk in divine light and divine love because to walk in anything else is not the amazing, spiritual being that I am.

And I hope these words and this message will touch others and help them to continue standing tall and loving themselves unconditionally. We just have to never give up. Even though the world may try to beat us down, we can’t let it and I honestly believe we won’t!