I think I may be pregnant and I’m terrified…

I think I may be pregnant and I’m terrified. I’ve had a pregnancy scare or two before, but this feels different. I’m only 19 and still in college, so it’s not exactly a good time. I know my family would be supportive, and I’m with a very loving guy, but it’s still very scary. I’m taking a pregnancy test in a couple days to find out for sure.

Okay, you say you’ve had pregnancy scares in the past and that you might be pregnant, forgive my bluntness but it kind of seems like you want a baby. You continuously have unprotected sex but pretend to be amazed and fearful whenever you miss your period/might be pregnant? Something isn’t adding up.

And I know you’re trying to be positive but, you sound so cavalier about being pregnant. You said your family would be supportive and that you are with a very loving guy and you honestly believe that you, your boyfriend and your family have what it takes to raise a baby. I’m not one for name calling but it seems very selfish to think that your parents and family would put their lives on hold to help you raise your baby. Would you quit school and work full-time, if so, someone has to watch your baby? Or will you continue school and work?

Also, why aren’t you using protection? From your own calculations this would be your third pregnancy scare and you are only 19 years old. I’m in no way shaming you, but why don’t you use protection? Or at least get on birth control. Colleges nowadays offer free birth control, you should reach out to your University’s health center. I’ve received the free Nexplanon implant from my university so that I won’t have kids until I’m ready and until I have a great foundation, financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Speaking of foundation, it doesn’t seem like you have one, so how would you raise a baby? I know many 19-year olds and they are all very naïve and immature. Naïve to think that having a baby will be okay because you have a “supportive family” and a “loving boyfriend”, it takes so much more to raise a little being. Babies are expensive, and you have to be ready to put them first, do you believe that you can put an innocent little being first?

Back to the whole third pregnancy scare, why do you want a baby right now? Don’t say that you don’t because you obviously do when you have unprotected sex? From my observation young girls want babies because they believe they will have someone who will love them unconditionally. Does that sound anything like you? When young women don’t feel loved by their family, friends or significant other they believe having a baby will be a chance at that unconditional love. And in some instances, young ladies will have babies young because they believe it will make their boyfriend stay or because they want a family, which goes back to trying to find love through someone else instead of loving yourself. Be honest with yourself, would you really be upset if you were to get pregnant now? Are these pregnancy scares really accidents?

The only thing you can do is wait until you take the pregnancy test. But no matter the outcome, start using condoms and if you are pregnant, after you give birth, start using birth control! Condoms will protect you against STD’s and STI’s and birth control will protect you from a fourth pregnancy scare. I wish you the best and I hope that everything turns out the way you want it to.