Is it normal that I am not concerned about having or making friends at college?

Is it normal that I’m not concerned about having or making friends at college? I’m in my second semester in my first year of college and I enjoy being alone. I don’t have anything against the other students but being around people is exhausting. Is it normal that I don’t care about having or making friends at college?

Honestly, I think it’s a good thing. It tells me that you are secure in being alone and that you love and accept yourself. For some reason, the world wants individuals to crave the adoration and attention of others, instead of giving it to themselves, so I commend you for being so secure and accepting of yourself.

That also tells me that you trust your instincts and that you believe that you know what is best for you. Once again, I commend you for doing what you believe to be best for you. And I know how you feel when it comes to being around people. It can get exhausting!

And what is normal? I’m no doctor or psychologist but I believe being secure in yourself and loving yourself is amazing. But in the world we live in, loving yourself enough to walk alone and being secure in walking alone is not normal, so yes, you aren’t normal. And that is a great thing!

Normal usually means like everyone else, but you aren’t! You are your own special little being with your own special needs and desires. And right now, in this chapter of your life, you desire to walk securely in a path that you have forged all on your own. I find it amazing that you’re so secure enough and conscious enough to listen to your heart instead of the voices in the world. Kudos to you and once again, congratulations to saying no to the demands that others may place upon you and for you putting your needs first.