I need to be skinny!

I need to be skinny. I don’t care about body positivity and living your best life as you are now because it’s all a lie! I know that no one is going to love me until I’m skinny and I hate myself as I am now.

I need to know how to lose weight, and fast. I hate working out at gyms and I hate diets, plus, I have no self-control, so I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to losing weight. I’m just so unhappy, depressed, and fat.

Okay, there is a lot of anger coming from your post, so I believe it would be safe to assume that you have a lot of anger inside of you, correct? And there’s nothing wrong with the current climate of body positivity and loving yourself as you are. But, I do believe that a lot of people are pro-body positivity but don’t truly walk their talk or accept themselves and others for who they are and how they look. But, I do like that it gets the conversation started and it shows that as a society we are trying and heading in the right direction.

Honey, I know you may want someone to love you and validate your existence, but it truly feels amazing to look in the mirror and love yourself and to speak and think positive thoughts about yourself. You can’t wait for others to see the beauty in you. I know sometimes we just want to be told how beautiful and pretty we are, but why can’t we pay those compliments to ourselves and believe them? And even if you find someone to love you, you would never be happy because you wouldn’t love yourself! And I’m sure there are people in your life that accept you as you are and love you just as you are.

And I guarantee you your weight will not decrease as long as you hate yourself as you are. Losing weight is about changing your lifestyle and changing the way you view food, life, yourself and your health. There is more to weight loss than just food and exercise. Losing weight starts in the mind and you haven’t changed your thought process, let alone how you see yourself. And until you sit down with yourself and truly work through all your anger, and self-hatred, you will not be able to lose the weigh because you won’t have the right mentality.

Try loving yourself as you are! Try to see the beauty in yourself every time you look in the mirror. Try to release those disparaging remarks that you have about yourself. Focus on seeing yourself through your own eyes instead of through the eyes of society. And by that I mean stop trying to measure up to who and what society wants you to be. There is nothing wrong with being bigger than a size 6. There’s nothing wrong with having tiger stripes (stretch marks). There’s nothing wrong with having extra jiggle. There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself at the size you are now! Go within, focus on loving yourself then maybe focusing on getting into shape physically and mentally. Right now, just focus on loving all of yourself!