My long-distance boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me by email…

My long-distance boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me by email. He said I could talk to him as a friend if I ever want, which I don’t, and I never reached back out. So, I changed my Instagram profile picture and took down all my pictures of him, but I didn’t unfollow him.

He responded to that by taking down his pictures of me and blocking me, my mom, and friends on Instagram and snapchat. Why would he block all of us when I didn’t even respond back to the email, what does that mean? And this is my first break up so I’m not sure how to go about it.

I’m so sorry to hear that you guys broke up and I’m really sorry that it occurred via email. Okay, first is it truly ever beneficial to remain friends with an ex, mainly when the breakup is so new? I bring that up because the pain is so raw, and your feelings are still so very hurt that seeing anything on your feed about your ex will trigger you or make you spiral. So once again, do you think it’s a good idea to be following him on social media?

And your ex-boyfriend blocked you, your mom, and your friends on social media because his feelings were hurt. He probably felt as if you were trying to erase the entire relationship when you deleted all of your photos that included him. And instead of communicating that to you, like true friends do because he did mention staying friends, he chose to react instead of respond and block you and those closest to you.

It honestly just seems that you all are both hurt and trying to navigate through this breakup. I’m not sure if you wish to remain friends but if so, you both should work on communication because I truly feel that you both are feeling the exact same way, but it’s just you all aren’t communicating, but of course why would you when you’re broken up. And this guy was most likely your first love, if he was your first boyfriend, and maybe you want to end this relationship on a more positive note. You could try reaching out to him and just telling him that you meant no harm in taking down his pictures but that doing that will help you to mourn the loss of the relationship. Or you can just leave it how it is, you all aren’t together anymore so you don’t really owe him an explanation.

But I can definitely tell that you both have some growing, evolving and maturing to do and maybe this breakup is a blessing in disguise. Maybe you can take this time and focus on new activities, new experiences, and meeting supportive, positive, new individuals that can help you take your mind off of your breakup. So once again, don’t look at this breakup as a negative, this relationship and your ex-boyfriend have taught you so much about yourself, the world, relationships and others and it’s served its purpose. So be grateful that you got to experience it and try to move on. Try to focus on healing from the breakup and mourning the loss of your boyfriend and you guys’ friendship.