How do you deal with jealousy and comparisons when you see someone living a life you’ve always dreamt of?

How do you deal with jealousy and comparisons when you see someone living a life you’ve always dreamt of? 

That’s such a good question and I believe we all have experienced this. We live in an age where everyone wants to live their best life and some people believe that living their best life means documenting their material success and attainment on social media. Well, what I’ve learned over the years is that although someone may be successful financially and materialistically, if they’re not successfully spiritually or have inner peace, they’re not truly successful or living the life that I would personally want.

Happiness is a state of mind, whether you have $.02 to your name or $200,000 to your name, you can always be happy. So, although it may seem as if others are living the life you’ve always dreamed, it doesn’t mean that they’re secure in themselves, they love themselves or that they’ve figured everything out. And when one experiences jealousy it’s usually not towards a person outside of themselves or a material item, it’s usually towards themselves. One becomes jealous because they’re not happy with where they are at on their journey or because they believe they should have accomplished more for themselves. But we all have to realize that everyone’s path is different.

We have to realize that sometimes, what we thought would bring us happiness and make us the happiest won’t. We have to acknowledge that financial success and material attainment, just to have it, doesn’t make one happy. We have to figure out what will make us the happiest in all facets of live. We have to decide what level of financial abundance, physical abundance and spiritual abundance we desire that allows us to lead an authentic life full of balance.

So, when jealousy arises, or you compare your life to someone else’s, acknowledge that you have your own path. You’ve done, seen and experienced things that this specific person hasn’t and the same goes for them. No one’s path is the same as anyone else’s so why would one person’s path to financial and material success be the same as any others’? When jealousy arises, sit with those feelings and truly figure out why you’re jealous. As I’ve said, it usually has nothing to do with money and material items, it usually has to do with shame, for not accomplishing a certain level of abundance that others have, but also self-hatred that one isn’t as ‘successful’ as the next person.  We have to learn, realize and acknowledge that happiness does not start or end with money and material items. Happiness starts from within.