Can having a sexless relationship cause a strain?

Can having a sexless relationship cause a strain? My significant other rarely wants to have sex and most of the time I’m sexually frustrated. I want to respect how they feel but the lack of sex is taking a toll on me.

Yes, it can most definitely cause a strain! And I say that because your significant other is not giving you what you desire nor need when it comes to that one aspect of your relationship. It’s okay to respect how your significant other feels but you also have to know that your feelings are valid as well.

Have you tried speaking to them about your needs and how, at this point in time, they are not being met? For any relationship to work it takes clear communication and honesty, and you really need to tell your significant other how you feel. You don’t want to get to a point to where you resent him and his feelings. Resentment is the kiss of death for any relationship.

If you’ve tried speaking with your partner, try again. You love your partner and you want for him to walk with you through life and on your journey. And of course, you can’t make someone listen but try to! It’s pertinent that you both come to some kind of agreement or conclusion about what next steps to take. But if you don’t, you should sit down and think long and hard on whether or not you could go through the rest of your life sexually frustrated and not feeling fulfilled. But again, just know that how you feel is completely valid and there’s nothing wrong with feeling the way that you do.