Anonymous: What are your thoughts on staying with someone you don’t love?

Well, my thoughts are why do you want to stay with someone you don’t love? Do you believe that you’re not worthy of having a loving relationship? Do you believe that there is no one else out there that could see you for you and love you for you, so you believe it’s best to settle and stay safe with what you have now? Do you not believe in yourself enough to walk your journey through life alone, at this point in time? Why is it so important for you to be in a relationship?

My biggest concern is that you’re settling and I’m trying to figure out why that is. But of course, the only person that knows why is you. So why are you settling? I’m just trying to understand where you’re coming from in staying in a relationship that doesn’t fulfill you and with someone you don’t love.

My personal thoughts are why would I choose to walk my path in life with someone I don’t love? But also, my time, energy and effort are precious so why would I spend that energy and time on someone I don’t love and in a relationship that does not fulfill me? But also, why would I want to stay in a situation that is stagnant? Because the energy in that relationship would have to be stagnant because I obviously wouldn’t love the person and I obviously wouldn’t try, grow or evolve in that relationship.

But also, why would I choose this person and this relationship over me, my peace of mind and my love for self? My thoughts are that true happiness is a state of mind and that no love could compare to the love that I can give myself. I believe that you’re not happy, otherwise why would you write in for advice. You don’t feel fulfilled, you probably feel stagnant and you know that this relationship can’t go on for much longer. Deep down, you know you want out and that you and your partner deserve to be with people that love them.

“What are your thoughts on staying with someone you don’t love?”