Do you have any advice for someone going through a rough time?

Do you have any advice for someone going through a rough time? My friend got mad at me because I didn’t text her back right away and has since been giving me the silent treatment, doing things to try to get me in trouble, and pushing my buttons to make me feel bad about myself. I already suffer from depression as it is, and she knows this, so I’m hurt, and I feel so bad about myself.

Why are you friends with someone that would try to make you feel bad about yourself? Is this person truly your friend? Tell me, if you were upset with how a close friend was treating you would you go out of your way to make them unhappy and hate themselves? Or would you sit them down and tell them how you feel?

First, I have to say you and your friend are not on the same maturity level. Instead of telling you how she feels she resorts to trying to make you hate yourself. She doesn’t sound like a friend. She sounds like an enemy, someone who want to see you fail not someone who wants to see you love yourself or rise, grow and evolve into the amazing being that you already are.

And from my experience through life, people that go out of their way to make you feel bad about themselves really only hate themselves. A person who’s secure in themselves and loves themselves would not put time, energy and effort into tearing someone else down. They would put that time and effort into loving themselves.

You mentioned that someone was going through a rough time. Is it you or your friend? From my vantage point you may be experiencing depression and all that comes with it, but I am one thousand percent sure that you can overcome it and that you are! From my own experience of depression, I was very unhappy, and angry, angry at anyone and everyone.

And it seems that you recognize how you’re feeling, you’re establishing boundaries, i.e. you not texting your friend right back, and are taking care of yourself. But also, instead of lashing out and hurting your friend, the way she is hurting you, you decided to seek advice in order to handle this situation in a manner that is best for all parties involved.

Again, you may be going through a tough time, but you are handling everything beautifully. And your friend, if we can call her that, she seems to be struggling as well. But you have to decide if you wish to carry this relationship and your friend on your back as you focus on bettering your mental and emotional health as well as yourself. It honestly seems as if your friend wants you to put her and this friendship above your mental and emotional health, which in my opinion isn’t healthy and is not example of a person that wants you to be your best self and for you to love yourself.

You have some things to think about and I hope I’ve put everything in perspective for you. But I do have to say, congratulations on establishing boundaries, saying no to the demands others are placing upon your and choosing to love yourself. And I do believe that you will do what you think is best and what you know to be best for you and your mental and emotional health. Good luck.