Why do people think everything can be perfect?

Why do people think everything can be perfect when it is clear it is not at all? Why do people abandon you just because you are not normal or perfect? 

Honestly, I believe people abandon others when they see signs of imperfections because it reminds them of their own imperfections. Society’s goal is for individuals to strive for perfection in every facet of their life and to give their all in attaining it. But what exactly is perfection? Is it the best grades? The highest paying job? The perfectly behaved children? The perfect looks?

And what is normal? How others want us to be and behave? It truly saddens me that we live in a world in which it is applauded to be and think like everyone else. Everyone has the same goals, the same vision, and the same path to achieve those goals it seems. It scares people when others choose to be true to themselves and step outside of the box society tries to place them in.

And people are obsessed with perfection because when we strive for perfection, it gives us faith and hope that maybe we can do better. That just maybe, tomorrow will be better, that we will be able to accomplish all that we desire. But I feel that it is refreshing and freeing to acknowledge that we are not perfect. That our lives are not perfect, that we are trying, and sometimes, what we wish to happen does not happen or does not come to fruition the way that we think it should. But also, people strive for perfection because they wish to have value in the eyes of society.

People believe that if everything is neat, tidy and in their correct place, i.e. perfect, that society will accept them and value them. But that is a cycle that would continue on and on. Always having to give more and more in order to feel valued as a human being when just being yourself, being your amazing, beautiful self, gives you value and worth. The more someone gives more and more of themselves to society they would be letting go of a little, tiny piece of themselves every time. Doing this would steal a person’s authenticity, their light, their being-ness, and their otherness.

It is okay to not be perfect. It is okay to try your best and to not achieve perfection. Perfection is a human concept that requires insane amounts of giving of one self, in all aspects of life, that is not healthy. So be you! Be who you are, believe how you wish to believe and try. At the end of the day that is all we can ever do.