Honestly, just being forthright and coming out with it is the best way to end a friendship. I know most people in your position would ghost this friend but I feel that having one last face to face will offer you and that person closure. I’m not saying to dump everything at their feet and list everything you dislike about them.

But have a discussion with them about how you feel, how the friendship is taking a toll on you and how the friendship is affecting you negatively. And just be calm and secure in your feelings and your truth.

They, of course, may get upset and react to you and the situation instead of responding and accepting the fact that someone doesn’t want their friendship.

But you have to remember, the way people respond or react to us has nothing to do with us and everything to do with them. Just go in there with a clear mind and a clear heart and speak your truth.

And choose to detach if they go to a place of negativity and know that if they can’t accept your truth and you speaking your truth you can walk away from the discussion and be through. Your conscious is clear, you’ve said all that you’ve wanted to say, and the relationship is over.

Now, although you ended the relationship and it was toxic, you may want to mourn the friendship or the person. That is completely normal.

Most likely, you would be mourning the good times you had with this person as well as the potential in them to be the friend that you needed. Other words you would be mourning the friend you needed and desired. Again, this is normal, and it isn’t a sign that you made a mistake.

And if I haven’t said it before, I am so proud of you for saying no to the demands others are placing upon you. You saying goodbye to this friend and this relationship is just you freeing up space to welcome others that will treat you the way you deserve.

But it is also opening you up to having more time to explore who you are and what you desire. Again, I’m so proud of you for putting your wants and needs first and I wish you well on your journey.

“What is the best way to end a toxic friendship?”