“Why don’t good things happen to me?”

Anonymous: Why don’t good things happen to me? All of my roommates have significant others and I’ve never had that. They are all graduating and having amazing careers and it will have taken me 7 years by the time I get my degree.

I was screwed out of a position I was really qualified for by someone who doesn’t even meet the required qualifications. I feel bad because everything great happens to those around me. And I am happy for them but why don’t good things happen to me?

I’m pretty sure great things happen to you, but I understand what you mean. Sometimes I feel as if those around me are moving forward in life and I change but my experiences and problems stay the same. But I just think we are looking at the situation all wrong.

Your path is your path and their path is their path. Not everyone will experience the same life moments at the same exact time. And it is okay for it to take longer to graduate. As long as you persevere, finish and get that degree I think you are good. And you have to stop comparing your life to the lives of others.

And although from the outside looking in it may seem that your roommates have it all, maybe they don’t. You are not in their relationships or experiencing what they experience on a day to day basis. So, although they may seem as if everything is perfect, it may not be.

And you have to be positive and believe that a better position will come along. Maybe the position wasn’t as perfect as you thought. Maybe the Universe wanted you someplace else. Maybe the Universe was protecting you from signing on to a position that would not have utilized your talents or came with mismanagement.

There could be any number of reasons why it didn’t work out and why the Universe said no for you. Just continue trying. Try to think positive and be grateful for your job experience, for your skills and for you knowing your worth because sooner or later a position will come around that truly will be perfect for you and you will be offered it and you will accept it.

And it’s okay to be upset that your life is not looking like how you thought it would or how you wanted it to. I believe we all experience that. It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to be sad. But after we experience those emotions, we have to pick ourselves back up and try because no one can live our lives for us.

You are the only one responsible for your life, your experiences and your career so continue to try. Even if doors close on you, try and know that although those doors have closed there is always a window or a doggy door to crawl through.

And I believe you are happy for your roommates, I truly do. But it does something to you when you feel as if everyone around you is winning and you are not. But you have to understand that life isn’t a race. We are not competing with others and your journey will look a lot different than everyone else’s.

I like to believe that our journeys are different, and maybe harder, than others because the Creator knew we could handle it and create magick out of the cards we were given. So, don’t give up, continue to try and I believe that you will receive all that you desire. Wishing you the best!