Anonymous:I thought I was bi, then straight and now I’m not so sure. Am I just curious? 

There is nothing wrong with experimenting and figuring out who you are, but is it a necessity to label how you live your life? I have always seen labels as little boxes that society likes to put us into in order for them to define who we are and our worth.

There is nothing wrong with you just being you and being attracted to many different types of people and many different ways of being and living. If you like a man one day, a woman the next, or no one the weekend after, that is okay! If you are attracted to someone, then you are attracted to them.

And it is okay to be confused! Today’s new world has a lot to offer when it comes to dating and relationships, but you have to be your own constant. And by that, I mean, be secure in your thoughts and feelings. Never let anyone tell you how to live, define who you are or tell you what is right and wrong. You know what is best for you, deep down you do, and it is more than okay to explore your sexuality. 

And I think at this point in your life, and on your journey, that you are just trying to figure out who you are. And there is nothing wrong with trying new experiences to figure out who you are and what type of life you wish to live. So just forget about the labels and focus on what makes you happy.

And if someone you are attracted to cannot accept you and your truth then they are not for you. Your life is all about you figuring out who you are, and it is your journey, not anyone else’s. So, have fun along the way and stop stressing! You will figure out what you like and what you do not. Just give it time and enjoy the ride. 

“I thought I was bi, then straight and now I’m not so sure…”