I don’t think we actually do. If you hate the one you are with, should you be with that person? Do you honestly believe that most people hate the people they are with? Why would you choose to be with a person you hate?

And I understand that when you mention hate you may mean annoyance towards your partner or the disrespect that others can sometimes show their partners because they are the closest ones to them, and “we hurt those closest to us”, but I like to pose another question for you. Why do you choose to encroach upon the boundaries of your partner or as you put it, “hurt the one you’re with”?

I understand that sometimes it is inevitable that those closest to us may get hurt, whether they dislike our opinion on something or anything along those lines, but it seems to me that you know and acknowledge that you have a problem but you are chalking it up to “we know not what we do.” But you obviously do know what you do and what the problem is.

Once again, I do not think most people hate the one they are with or choose to disrespect the boundaries of their partner. Question, if you know that your actions continuously hurt your partner, why do you persist in those actions? And I like to believe that our partners mirror who we are and where we are mentally and emotionally at certain times in our lives. So, what is your partner, your relationship, and your continuous need to disrespect them say about you and how you feel about yourself? I believe that is the true question you should be asking.

I honestly believe that there is more to the story and that you aren’t saying something that should be said. It sounds as if you are seeking absolution, but the only person that can give that to you is you.

And I hope I have given you some food for thought and I really hope that you sit down and truly think through your actions, your relationship, and the questions I’ve broached. I wish you well upon your journey and I hope you figure everything out. Peace, love, and blessings.

“Why do we hate the one we’re with?”

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  1. I love your vocabulary especially the use of broached. Makes me think you’re just being real and putting it all out there. Go mama!!


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