That is such a great question. I have always thought that it had to do with a person’s lack of self-love. If a person truly loved, honored, and respected themselves they would honor their truths and leave a situation and relationship that made them unhappy.

But instead of choosing to love themselves and to make the decision that would make them the happiest, they would choose to react instead of responding to the situation and make the situation even worse than how it was.

My questions for them would be, why don’t you believe you deserve happiness? Why would you settle for anything? Why do you believe you are not worthy? Why are you putting the feelings and needs of others above your own?

And why would you throw gasoline on a fire? Instead of facing your feelings about this relationship, your partner, and yourself head on you chose to delay the inevitable and disrespect yourself as well as your partner. But also, why did you believe cheating was your only option?

It is my personal opinion that people cheat because they cannot be honest with others, let alone themselves. And if you cannot truly be honest with yourself there is definitely no way that you can truly love yourself.

And if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anyone else. And instead of honoring their truths and letting their partner know they are unhappy with the relationship and within the relationship, they choose to ignore what is in front of them and run from their problems by cheating.

And having the ability to truly be honest and to own one’s truth takes a lot of self-love. And people who cheat just do not have enough self-love to own their truths. And if someone cannot even show themselves respect, by honoring their truths, of course, they will not be able to respect anyone else, especially their partner.

So, there you have it. Those are the reasons people cheat. Or at least, the reasons why I believe people cheat. I come from a long, I mean a very long, line of people who cheat, men and women, so I have seen first-hand the lack of self-love people who cheat have for themselves.

So, if you or anyone else has been cheated on, try not to take it too personally or think that you did something wrong. It usually does not have that much to do with the person that gets cheated on. It usually has to do a lot with the person who cheats and the lack of self-love they have for themselves. But I will not say that people who get cheated on shouldn’t take some accountability.

Usually, when it comes to cheating, there is always writing on the wall, so my question for them would be why didn’t they see the writing or did they just ignore it? There are always signs when it comes to cheating partners but there is also always our intuition which guides us when something doesn’t feel right.

So, I would also raise the question of whether or not they ignored their intuition and if so, why? But that is a topic for another day and I hope I have offered you some clarity as well as peace of mind when it comes to the topic of why people cheat. I wish you the best, and I hope you receive the peace and the answers that you are seeking.  

“Why do people cheat?”

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