Anonymous: I am worried that I will never find my passion, my purpose. I have a degree, but I am currently working in customer service and I know for a fact that I want more out of life and that there is more out there for me. But I am not sure what. I studied a discipline at University that I thought I loved but once I graduated, I felt even more lost than when I started University, so I am not sure if it was the right choice to make.

And I have had internships, but they never turned into anything I would want a career in and on top of everything, I have my family in my ear questioning why I do not have a degree worthy job. I feel judged, and that just makes me feel even worse. I just feel as if I am wasting my potential in life.

You are not alone. We all struggle with and worry over if we will find our purpose and actually live up to the potential we know is locked inside ourselves whenever we do figure it out. And I am sorry that you do not have those supportive people in your life who are rooting for you or standing by you as you figure out your passion, your purpose and the right path for you.

I like to believe that all of our life experiences, our jobs, and our interactions with others are bringing us closer to our life purpose. But it is hard to feel that what we planned for, what we desired, and thought we desired turned out to not be as fulfilling as we thought it would be. And I would like to tell you that things will get easier in time, that you will find your purpose and passion, and that everything will go well and be perfect, but it might not be.

Life isn’t about perfection. It’s about finding your true self, loving your true self and living an authentic life. And the path to that authenticity is a steep and winding road. It will take you on turns and up hills and valleys that you thought would take you to your destination but actually turned out not to. And those experiences are your life lessons.

They are teaching you about you. About how strong you are, how resilient and resourceful you are in life and in any adversity. So, try to focus on all that you have learned upon your path instead of dwelling on your destination and whether or not you have made it there yet. Emphasis on the yet part.

And through all of your life experiences, all of your jobs and your studies in college, you have found the experiences and ways of life that do not resonate with who you are and what you want from life. And every career opportunity that does not resonate with you is taking you one step closer to finding your passion.

And don’t feel bad about working in customer service while having a degree. I know TONS of students that have graduated within the past 3 years who are working in customer service and at restaurants while living at home with their parents. And you did not pick the wrong discipline, no matter what you majored in. So do not beat yourself up or make yourself feel guilty for not being where you think you should be at in life.

Sometimes we plan, and it does not go our way for a specific reason. Maybe Divine has something better in store for you, something you can’t see. So, choose to believe that where you are right now is feeding a bigger purpose and is part of the larger plan for your life. But also, put yourself out there and try new things, that is the only way you will find your purpose.

But also, consider meditating in silence and asking the Creator for your life purpose and spiritual career. You may not receive the answer right then, but it will come to you. Just trust and have faith that everything is going according to your Divine life plan and purpose and that every experience is drawing you closer to your purpose as well as to your authentic self. Continue trying and just believe in yourself and continuously recognize and know your worth. And I wish you all the best upon your life journey and your journey to becoming your authentic self.

“I am worried I will never find my passion, my purpose…”

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