Because we romanticize the past. We romanticize the fun moments, the amazing experiences and the people we’ve experienced those experiences with without really focusing on the dark spots of the past. In a sense, we look to the past not truly seeing the entire picture. We only view what we want to view in those moments.

But also, being in the present, we encounter challenges and, in the past, we have already overcome our challenges. So, there’s less pressure or worry whenever we go back to the past in comparison to the present moment where we’re juggling multiple experiences and many teachable moments. In moments like these, it’s very easy to go back to the past and focus on the positive moments from a certain time in our lives.

And it’s quite normal to miss the past but the past is the past for a reason. Better opportunities and newer doors open to us here, in the present, in the now. In the present, we have the opportunity to create a greater tomorrow for ourselves and to right wrongs, correct and perfect our experiences and be free to make newer choices, different choices, that will set us apart from our past.

So, we miss the past because we’re encountering obstacles on our path currently and we romanticize the good times, choosing to not focus on the obstacles that we encountered in our past. And there’s nothing wrong with looking back from where you were and how far you have come, but there is something wrong with looking to the past and desiring to change your current circumstances based off of the romanticizations you’re experiencing viewing the past from a lens that isn’t quite so objective.   

Now, with all that being said, spend more time creating from the present instead of mulling over the past. People who focus on the past tend to have more symptoms of anxiety and depression which correlates to poor mental health, so do your mind, your body, your spirit, and your future a favor and focus on the present. I wish you the best, and I hope your journey is full of unconditional love, many new experiences, and adventures.  

“Why are we nostalgic over the past?”