“I’ve been abandoned by everyone I’ve ever met…”

Anonymous: I’ve been abandoned it seems by everyone I’ve ever met in my life. I used to toy with the idea that it was me, that the problem and the cause for everyone leaving were me, but I know and acknowledge that thinking negatively serves no purpose. I understand that people come in and out of our lives for a reason. My question is, how do I release my feelings and fears of abandonment?

I am so very proud of you! I can tell that you have put significant time, energy, and effort into reprogramming your mind and working through all of your traumatic life experiences. What you have done and are continuing to do is so awe-inspiring. 

Acknowledging that you aren’t the problem, that there is nothing wrong with you and that life happens are great first steps to take to release your feelings and fears of abandonment. It is great that you have come to a place along your journey to where you have worked through much of what has happened to you and instead of you being angry about your life’s circumstances you chose acceptance, love for yourself, and a love for life.

Once again, I am so very proud of you! And honestly, it seems as if you have already released a lot of your feelings and fears surrounding your abandonment. Like most people, whenever we work on healing, we like to believe that we won’t have moments of doubt, anger or fear and that our darker feelings regarding our experiences will just disappear and never come up again, ever. And that is not the case.

No matter how much time you put into healing and releasing your fears and feelings, there is and always will be another layer of the onion to peel away. And its’ completely normal. So, choosing to reinforce every day the peaceful acceptance you have regarding your experiences and your abandonment will help you continue the path of healing. 

Continue viewing those relationships as life lessons that have taught you so much about yourself, the world and others. Choose to see the love in those people and in your experiences with them. And when all else fails, choose to see the inner-child in yourself and others and view their actions, as well as your own, from the eyes of the inner-children. 

Continually choose acceptance for your life experiences and continue loving yourself and your inner child. Sit with your feelings, acknowledge your pain and surround your pain in Divine love and light. Thank those people and your experiences with them for helping you to come to a place of so much self-love and Divine wisdom. Thank them for walking with you and for all they have taught you and release them and your experiences from a Divine state of peace. 

And you are doing a great thing by recognizing and acknowledging your fears of abandonment. And a great way to continue overcoming those fears is to unlock yourself. Share yourself, your personality and who you are, authentically, with others. Be open to shining your light brightly out into the world. Be open to new places, new people, and new experiences. 

It may be hard, but don’t stop the world from experiencing the amazing person and being that you are. The world needs your grace, love, and light and we are open to you and all that you are. So, unlock yourself! 

But I do want you to acknowledge something. Although it may seem as if others have abandoned you and that you’ve been abandoned, have you really? I can tell you are a fighter, that you are determined, tenacious and resourceful and I know that you fought to be where you are today, to forgive and be at peace. 

And you put in so much time, energy and effort to get to where you are because you love yourself so much. Unconditionally. Because YOU have always had your back and protected yourself. So, although it may seem as if others have abandoned you, the most important person never has. YOU. Always remember that. 

So, great job for embarking upon the journey of releasing your feelings and fears surrounding your abandonment and for also putting in the inner work to heal. And I wish you grace, support, and so much love as you walk along your beautiful journey through life.