It has been a very strange and Armageddon-ish couple of weeks, and that is putting it lightly! Right now, there’s a lot of fear, anxiety and even anger pervading the Earth and this post, and its’ creator, IS acknowledging that fear, anger, and anxiety but is consciously choosing to say NO to it.

It’s easy in traumatic moments, to turn to fear and anger to help us through an experience, but why not try a different coping mechanism? Why not acknowledge the fear but choose to be optimistic and hold positive thoughts for ourselves and others? Why not be grateful for all that we have, all the good in our lives right now and all the good we get to experience on a daily basis, like our health. It is truly a blessing to be healthy, especially during our current predicament.

In these very turbulent times, we should wake up every day grateful, filled with so much gratitude to be healthy and to have the ability to experience another beautiful day! And fear, anger, and anxiety diminish that gratitude and almost always lead to worrying which detracts even more so from the joys of being alive and the joys of living!

My friends, there is nothing wrong with being cautious, we all have reason to be, but we can be cautious without being fearful or being led by our fear. We can choose to acknowledge what is going on around us but also acknowledge the greatness that surrounds us, the greatness that we all are, the love that surrounds us and all the abundance we live in and get to experience daily.

Some of the abundance being having homes, and money in our bank accounts, food, perfect health, and being surrounded by loved ones, and the list can go on and on. So, what are you truly grateful for during these unprecedented times?

Just remember, life is all about how we react to situations and whether or not we choose to see the glass as half empty or half full. I know, I know, you’re probably saying to yourself, “how can this situation be seen as anything other than a half-empty glass, hell, maybe even an entire container of empty glasses”, but it can! These past few weeks have been very scary, but also so amazing and awe-inspiring.

We have all rallied around each other, shown up for one another and shown love towards each other. Whether that love manifested by us volunteering our time at food banks, donating money to food banks, checking in on neighbors and loved ones or even being extra courteous and patient while waiting in those frighteningly long lines, my good friends, love is here, and it will never leave us! 

And maybe this whole experience is an opportunity for us to rethink our life paths, who we are and who we want to be, but also where we’re headed, individually but as well as a society. Maybe this experience is showing us that we can come together, love one another, assist one another, offer helping hands and live in peace, no matter one’s religion, sexual orientation, political affiliations or skin color even in times of no pandemic or no ground shaking, world-altering events.

And during this quarantine maybe we can all go within and work on our true feelings, how we experience and see life, and how we react in stress-inducing situations. And an analogy I wish to share with you all which I believe sheds light on one takeaway from our current experience is one that I learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer, an amazing spiritual being and one of my favorite spiritual masters.

So, at one of his shows, Dr. Wayne Dyer asked his audience, “What happens whenever you squeeze an orange? What comes out?” The audience, of course, just stared blankly, waiting for the correct answer. And that answer was, “Orange Juice.” Not grape juice, not apple juice, not pomegranate juice but orange juice. And that’s because that is what was always inside the orange, waiting to come out.

And we, collectively, are being squeezed right now and the orange juice that is coming out of us is fear, anger, and anxiety because that is what has ALWAYS been there on the inside of us. Our current circumstances are showing us how we react in the face of adversity in our day to day lives, but on a much bigger scale.

Just take a moment and stop to think about any current experiences that caused you to turn towards fear, anger, and anxiety. Think about all the world events that occurred because we and others reacted from a place of fear, anger, and anxiety! Yes, some of the most traumatic and life-altering events occurred in the world because people chose fear, anxiety, and anger instead of love. So, when possible, which is always even though it is hard, choose love!

And it’s not your fault that your first instinct is to turn to fear, anger, and anxiety! We live in a world that runs on fear and anxiety and most, if not all, of us, have been taught to respond in that manner. But we can choose differently. We can choose to respond instead of react in the face of adversity in all of life’s situations. And it is truly a gift and a blessing to be able to acknowledge that fear, anger, and anxiety and instead choose love!

Remember, we’re better together than apart. Of course, it’s best if we’re all PHYSICALLY apart right now, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually we can be here for one another. And if we do, we can flourish collectively as well as individually!

So, why not start choosing love over fear and anxiety by turning off your electronics, delaying watching that news coverage that you’ve been glued to for the past couple of weeks and just going within, sitting with your fear, anger, and your anxiety, and surrounding those feelings with love. And possibly even sending some love to others! Then take a moment and choose to be a host to the Creator, which just means doing something for someone else without asking for anything in return.

It could be donating money to a food bank electronically, checking in on a loved one or even reaching out to a stranger via social media who is having a really tough time with life’s current realities. It can be anything that fills you with joy, love, and gratitude but also allows you to spread love and hope!

So once again, choose to, in these very scary times, to be love and to give love instead of spreading fear, anger, anxiety, and hatred. And just trust in the process. Trust that everything will turn out exactly as it’s supposed to and be positive. Remember, positive thoughts become things, always! And remember, we can get through this together. We already are! And it is truly a beautiful thing to witness.

Wishing you all peace, love, and positive thoughts.

“It has been a very strange and Armageddon-ish couple of weeks…”