This website and this column are a goodbye to fear. A goodbye to being abused, controlled, manipulated and unloved. This column allows us, the seekers, to speak the truth, live our truth and own our truth. My goal when it comes to giving advice is for every asker and reader to see their truth. To see that they aren’t the problem. For us all to see that we are the solution and the solution begins with us. Feeling lost, alone, lonely and confused is all a part of the journey. The journey of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-discovery. Whenever you feel alone and don’t know who to turn to, turn to ME. I’ve seen everything and done even more. I’ve been physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally and verbally abused. I’ve felt lost, alone and that no one could ever understand me or my experiences. I was wrong. There are millions of others experiencing similar or the exact same experiences. I am here to help all that are walking on the shifting sands of time. All that are taking the steps to empower themselves and others.

About Me

My name is Satonis but I write under the moniker L.L. Spence. I am 25 years old and I am a Certified Reiki Master, helping to cleanse people, animals and chakras with my handy dandy crystals! I enjoy yoga, meditation, reading, sleeping, working out, occasionally, and baking. I enjoy helping others and walking with them on their journeys through life, thus the website. I feel that one of my life purposes is to help others see the love and the light within themselves and their experiences. And although we are not defined by our experiences, we are shaped by them, and my goal is for everyone to see the beauty within the chaos. I am very spiritual, and my spirituality is my foundation, it has gotten me through all that life has thrown at me. I do believe that there are many truths and I acknowledge, accept, and welcome the fact that not everyone has the same truth or will have the same truth. And with this blog and on my day to day basis I hope to spread love and light and create a better tomorrow for you and me. So, that is all, as you can probably tell I hate being the center of attention! But, I truly love being able to help others heal and love themselves. There is no greater feeling than helping someone to truly, divinely, and unconditionally love themselves and I’m happy to be able to help others on their journey to self-love. And I hope you all enjoy my site and I welcome you all to walk with me on my own journey through life. A journey filled with unconditional love, fear, highs and lows, missteps, adventures, and amazingly kind and genuine beings. So, I hope you all like what you see, stay for a while, and even possibly reach out. Thanks.